I have been making art continuously since I was a squirt.  By day I am an architect where I work to turn art into buildings and buildings into art. I have a tendency and willingness to fail repeatedly, and occasionally spectacularly; most of my sculptures have shattered as some point as I have taken the stone to the limits of its structural strength. And many of the canvases have multiple paintings layered on them, as newer one replaced the experiment underneath.  Sometimes the visible layering becomes an integral element of the painting, adding depth, texture and history.

I graduated from Cornell University in ’91 with a degree in architecture and am largely self-taught as an artist.    

I have been an invited artist at Loveland’s Sculpture in the Park, Boulder’s Open Studios, the North American Sculpture Exhibition and the Colorado Stone Sculptor’s Showcase. Additionally, his work has been shown at: Smith Klein Gallery, Rembrandt yard, Osmosis Gallery, Vilona Gallery, Tennyson Gallery, Radiance Power Yoga, Yoga on 6th & Omtime Yoga Studio.

I am happy to undertake custom painting commissions.